NISC Leadership Group - Diversity Chair Application

This application is for the Diversity Chair position on the NISC Leadership Group. The information collected will be used to assess a person's areas of knowledge and experience in this area that would qualify them for the position.

An individual interested in this position believes that NISC is enriched by the presence of individuals that differ from themselves in terms of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, social economic status, religious affiliation, gender and ability.

The applicant is committed to encouraging diverse individuals to take positions within NISC work groups and leadership. They would also seek opportunities to educate NISC membership on diversity issues.

Applicants are also required to fill out an NISC Interest and Expertise Inventory.

* 1. Please list contact information. Your status at the Senior Center you designate can be on an employed or volunteer basis.

* 2. Why are you interested in the NISC Diversity Chair Leadership position? Please include any experience in recruiting leaders from diverse populations.

* 3. Please list ideas for diversity outreach. What methods might you use to encourage diverse individuals to take positions within NISC work groups and leadership? What are some potential opportunities to educate NISC membership on diversity issues?

* 4. What is your vision for the future of senior centers?

* 5. What is your length of time in the field of aging?

* 6. What is your length of time working in Senior Centers? If retired, list a senior center that you currently connect with on a volunteer basis.

* 7. What is your current position in agency/ organization and length of time?

* 8. What is your Senior Center location?

* 9. Is the Senior Center currently NISC Nationally Accredited?

* 10. What has been your NISC involvement to date?

* 11. Please describe leadership positions you have held, include organization, position and dates.

* 12. Please list people who've worked with you in your leadership positions. Please include the name, organization, phone number and email address of three individuals.

* 13. Will you be able to devote the required time to this position? Leadership positions require attendance at one monthly conference call, including preparation time. Based on the role chosen you will have other related tasks. You are also required to attend one in person meeting per year.

Thank you for your interest and application for the NISC Leadership Diversity Chair Position.