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Breaking Boundaries is a strategic review to examine future options in building an active collaboration with the public and making best use of their skills, knowledge and experience, in the work of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). The 'Breaking Boundaries' strategic review is being steered by a panel of service users, researchers, clinicians and staff from across NIHR and the wider research community, chaired by Simon Denegri, Chair of INVOLVE and National Director for Public Involvement and Participation in Research. The review panel will make its report and recommendations prior to the INVOLVE conference in Birmingham 26/27 November 2014. NIHR is now inviting views and comments on how it can build on its achievements in public involvement so far to create the sort of active collaboration between the public, researchers and clinicians essential to the delivery of its future ambitions for research and a healthier nation. Of particular interest will be the innovations, ideas and new approaches that will help it break new ground in this important area. We welcome ideas from all individuals and organisations, whether you have direct experience of existing NIHR’s public and patient involvement activities, or innovative thoughts on how we might enable patients and the public to contribute to research in the future. Ideas may emerge from fields other than health and social care and we welcome and encourage respondents from different disciplines and backgrounds. We have identified 5 themes as a framework to generate comments and we welcome feedback in these and other areas. All views on past activity and importantly about the future of NIHR public involvement in research are encouraged. Your answers will not be saved until you have pressed ‘submit’ on completion. We suggest you view all the questions before beginning and allow approximately 30 minutes to develop your responses. You may find it easier to work offline and use the word template from the NIHR website to prepare answers that can be copied and pasted into survey monkey. Some questions may be more relevant to you than others, any that are not relevant may be left blank. We'd be grateful if you could submit your views by 5pm on Monday 30th June 2014. Thank you. Simon Denegri Chair of the PPI Breaking Boundaries Review Chair, INVOLVE NIHR National Director for Public Participation and Engagement in Research