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Title:  Newcomer Introduction To Classes Online (NICO) research study. A pilot study to identify the challenges, obstacles, and instruction methods for e-learning.

Sponsor: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Main Contacts:
Olivia Chen
Newcomer Introduction To Classes Online (NICO) Manager
Phone: 403-291-0002 Ext 412

Christine Do 
Newcomer Introduction To Classes Online (NICO) Coordinator/Researcher
Phone: 403-291-0002 Ext 312
For five years, the Calgary Immigrant Educational Society (CIES) has innovated in the field of e-learning. CIES has helped hundreds of clients achieve their English language goals. Recent interest in e-learning has surged, CIES’ administrative teams and instructors have served a large number of clients with lower-than-expected digital literacy. English language learners with limited digital literacy can spend >20% of instructional class time on technology orientation and troubleshooting. This seriously delays benchmark acquisition and progress. Time spent tutoring digital literacy increases student classroom retention, resulting in a 10 month+ waitlist to enter online programs.

What Is The Purpose Of The Study?
This study will identify the challenges, obstacles, and instruction methods for e-learning. This will be done from the viewpoint of newcomer e-learners, online ESL instructors, employers, an advisory panel of service providers, and other stakeholders in the community. This research will be used to adapt Norquest College’s Preparation for Online Learning (CLB 4-8) course to address learning obstacles and expand the program to CLB 3 learners. The adapted course will be shared as an open-source e-learning preparation resource, building capacity among immigrant-serving agencies.

What Does My Participation Involve?
You are invited to participate in the research study. The study is offered in several different formats from in-person interviews, phone interviews, or an online survey. If participants are uncomfortable with the format they may switch to a different format to complete the research study. The research study will take approximately twenty minutes to complete. Questions will be about your experiences with e-learning and demographics. In-person interviews will be audio recorded and transcribed word-for-word. During data analysis, identifying information will be removed.

 Do I Have To Participate?
Participation in this study is completely voluntary. You may choose not to participate. If you decide to start, you may withdraw at any time without penalty.  Adults can participate in the survey. Youth and children can not participate. Participants have not waived any rights to legal action in the event of research-related harm. It is the participant’s responsibility to read the entire consent form. Participants should ask questions they have or ask for help when needed from the researchers.

 Will I Benefit If I Take Part?
Participation in this research study is voluntary. As this is a research project conducted by a non-profit you will not receive payment for your contribution. Also, you will not be paying for anything within this study. However, you can enter to win one of two $50 superstore gift cards. This study offers also you the chance to share your reflections and experiences in e-learning. The NICO course curriculum will be available as a free resource to all of the participating organizations.

Will My Records Be Kept Private?
Your privacy will be respected. No information about who you are will be given to anyone or be published. Confidentiality will be enforced with the exception of admitting to a potential crime, or abuse. (Then the researchers will determine if they need to contact law enforcement.) The raw data will only be viewed by the two researchers.  Identifiers will be removed from the data during data analysis. Data will be stored on Survey Monkey and the analyzed data will be stored on CIES servers. The data will be kept for eight years.

It is important for you to know that Survey Monkey is a web-survey company that is located in the U.S.; this company is subject to U.S. laws and in particular, the Patriot Act, which allows the U.S. government to access the records of internet service providers. It is possible that the views and opinions you expressed may be accessed and linked to you without your knowledge or consent. In an effort to maintain anonymity, during the design of this survey, the option to collect your computer IP address has been disabled. The security and privacy policy for the Survey Monkey can be found at the following link:

If you have further questions or want clarification on this research study, please contact:  
Christine Do  
Newcomer Introduction To Classes Online (NICO) Coordinator/Researcher
Phone: 403-291-0002 Ext 312

If you have concerns regarding the ethical conduct of the researchers, please contact: 
Cesar Suva
Program Development Manager
Phone: 403-235-3666

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