* 1. Will you be attending NIADA's November Leadership Conference, Nov. 9-10?

* 2. What is your first name?

* 3. What is your last name?

* 4. With which state are you affiliated?

* 5. Are you a (select one)

* 6. What is the name of your dealership or company?

* 7. Provide the dealership or company Address, City, State and Zip

* 8. What is your business phone number?

* 9. What is your email address?

* 10. What is your arrival date?
NIADA Executive Committee Members should arrive on Wed., Nov. 7 at any time.
The EC Meeting begins at 8:30 am on Nov. 8.

* 11. What is your departure date?
All meeting sessions conclude Sat., Nov. 10 at 5 pm.
You may check out after this time or Sun., Nov. 11.

* 12. Will you be bringing a guest?

* 13. Will you attend the tour of Cowboys Stadium and Dinner at Texas Rangers Ballpark on Friday, Nov. 9?

* 14. Please advise NIADA of any special needs or dietary restrictions that require special attention when planning this event.

* 15. In case of an emergency, please provide a contact name and number.