Live Music Now Northern Ireland is delighted to offer a number of subsidised places for an online music programme lasting 6-8 weeks, with weekly half hour sessions.

This opportunity is for children and teenagers with special educational needs and disabilities aged 5-19 anywhere in Northern Ireland, and their carer / family.

If you would like to apply, please complete this form by Monday 28th June.

Places are limited. Once all places are filled (first come, first served basis), we will place you on a waiting list until further places become available.

We ask for a contribution of £50 per child (if this is an issue, please let us know).

We will be in touch with you within two weeks to confirm receipt of your application and to let you know if you have a place. Contact with any questions.

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* 1. Safeguarding and support
Live Music Now musicians have enhanced Access NI checks and specialist training to deliver accessible music sessions. 

Parental / Carer support during the session:
To help your the person get the most from the music session (which will last around 20-30 mins), a trusted adult should be present and willing to help.   The sessions cannot start if an adult is not present.

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* 2. Child/Young Person details

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* 3. Parent/Carer details

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* 4. Communication and/or Access needs

Please tell us about any communication or other access needs the musician should be aware of for the sessions.

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* 5. Musical Interests and Experience

Does the child have any previous musical experience or musical interests? Is there a particular style of music, singer or piece that they would like to hear? Please tell us more below.

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* 6. Musical Instruments

Does your child have any musical instruments at home (even small percussion, egg shakers)? If not, don't worry! We may be able to lend some.

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* 7. Technology and Devices

We will use Zoom (a secure online platform for video calling) to run the online sessions.  This requires access to a computer/tablet or smart phone and internet connection. 

What type of technology do you have available at home? (Tick all that apply)

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* 8. Video Calls

How confident are you using your devices for video calls?

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* 9. Do you have any other comments or questions about the sessions? Please write them below.

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* 10. Waitlist
Please note places are limited. If at the time your registration the programme is full, we will put you on a waiting list in the event further places become available.

Do you give consent to be contacted in this way?

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* 11. How did you hear about this programme? (Tick all that apply)

Survey Data Protection & Privacy

The information that you provide in this survey will be kept in confidence in the online survey database which is password projected and to which only limited members of the Live Music Now team have access. Your information will only be used for planning this project and communication during this project and survey results will be anonymised when used externally for programme design. Any identifying data records will be deleted/removed at the conclusion of the project. If you have any questions about this, please contact the LMN Data Officer on