Robotics Working Group

Manufacturers have been using robotics on the factory floor for decades but the mass production and introduction of this technology into everyday life poses many unique challenges.

Robotics technology has the near-term potential to transform the factory floor, our homes, highways and crucial transportation, delivery, and logistic (TDL) networks. The midwest is well poised to meet these challenges with our strong concentration of manufacturing talent and infrastructure based on the automotive and defense industries.

These strengths, coupled with the NCMS collaborative model of bringing together end users, technology developers and integrators can make the United States the global leader in robotics.

Please answer the following questions to help us gauge your interest in developing a thriving healthy ecosystem of industry, government, and academia to meet this national challenge.

* 1. The robotics working group should address the following topics:

* 2. What specific technological barriers should the group address?

* 3. What technical areas does the region have an advantage in? (IE, Autonomy, perception, ground vehicles, UI, component integration, mass production, etc.)

* 4. What sector do you represent?

* 5. Would you sign a letter promoting the testing of autonomous vehicles in Michigan?

* 6. Are you interested in attending a meeting to discuss the formation of a Robotics Working Group?