Dear Parents and Guardians,
Thank you for your participation in this confidential survey.  Your feedback is important to us.
Please complete ONE survey for every child in your family that attends a New Haven Unified School District school.

* 3. Does your child participate in the Kids’ Zone After School Services?

* 5. Please indicate your level of agreement with each question.

  Highly Agree Agree Disagree Highly Disagree
I believe this school is a safe place.
I feel welcome at this school.
The principal communicates effectively with parents.
The teachers communicate effectively with parents.
My child uses technology for learning at school.
My child uses technology for learning at home
Academic success is a shared responsibility between the school and parents.
The school gives me the information I need to support my child’s home learning.
I understand what I have to do to help my child be successful in school.
I regularly communicate with my child’s teacher(s).
My child receives the academic help he/she needs from the school.
I am informed about my child’s academic progress.
I understand the grading procedures at this school.
I know who to talk to if my child has academic difficulties at school.
The school informs me about my student's behavior/absences.
The school has high academic standards.
My child is planning for a career and/or college after graduating high school.
The school informs me about community resources and after school programs.

* 6. Which teacher-school communication methods have you used this year? Check all that apply.

* 7. What factors ENCOURAGE you to attend school events? (Check all that apply.)

* 8. What factors PREVENT you from attending school events? (Check all that apply.)

* 9. What is a key strength of this school?

* 10. Do you have ideas to improve the school?

Thank you for participation.