Dear Student-Athletes and Parents/Guardians:

The NHS Athletic Department invites you to provide feedback on your experiences this season. We welcome your answers to the items below as well as your comments and suggestions. This is a confidential form with the option to include your name. The sole purpose of this Feedback Form is to help continue to improve our Athletic Program.

Thank you! Dan Lee, Director of Athletics

1. To what extent was there team spirit and cohesiveness among the athletes?

2. How much were skills developed and improved upon during the season?

3. To what extent was an environment of respect and understanding established?

4. How enjoyable and rewarding was the experience for participants?

5. To what extent was there a positive and supportive atmosphere?

6. To what extent was there adequate supervision and instruction to insure safety?

7. How sound and open were the lines of communication?

8. How well organized were practices in preparing team/athletes for contests?

9. To what extent were positives stressed and critiques provided in constructive ways?

10. How clearly were expectations communicated to athletes and parents?

11. How consistently and fairly were school/team rules and policies enforced?

12. How would you rate the commitment, demeanor, language and conduct of the athletes/team/staff?

13. Overall, your experience this season was:

14. What additional feedback would you like to share about your athletic experience?

15. Student Gender

16. Student Grade

17. Level

18. Season

19. Sport

20. You are:

21. Your Name (optional)