H Street CoWorking

Coworking is a way for people to share an office while working independently. It's a great way to avoid losing contact with people as compared to working at home and more professional than a coffee shop.

I'm interested in opening a coworking space on H Street NE. If there are enough other people interested in the same thing, I'd be willing to find a spot and maintain it so we could all work there together.

The coworking space would provide office space, internet access, and a community of like-minded, innovative professionals. It would be great if we could also hold workshops around particular topics, collaborate and share ideas.

* 1. What sort of work do you do? Why are you interested in coworking?

* 2. How often would you want to work at a coworking space? *

* 3. How much would you pay to use a coworking space? *

* 4. How important are each of these features? *

  I wouldn't use it I'd try it out Would be nice, but I could live without it Essential; I can't work without it
Reservable Conference Rooms
Printer, Copier, Scanner
Private Offices for phone calls, etc.
Wireless internet
Ethernet internet connections
Regular community events; talks, etc.
The ability to put your name on the door and use this as your business address
A permanent, reservable desk so you could work in the same spot every day

* 5. Do you have any other suggestions that would make you more likely to use a coworking space?

* 6. Would you be willing to reserve a month in advance at a discounted rate to help get the project off the ground? *

* 7. What's your email address? *

* 8. What is your name?