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DO YOU AGREE? Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statements.

7. In today's society, one has to lie or cheat at least occasionally in order to succeed.

8. People who take ethical shortcuts are more likely to succeed than those who don't.

9. I am satisfied with my own ethics and character.

10. I am more ethical than most people I know.

11. If it was the only way to get my child into a better school I would be willing to lie about my address.

12. The values and behavior of young people are about the same as when I was growing up.

13. Kids today are more likely to lie, cheat or steal than 20 years ago.

14. The development of ethics and character in children is exclusively the responsibility of parents; schools should not be involved.

15. Schools should be more active in seeking to instill core ethical values like honesty, responsibility and respect and developing good character in children.

PERSONAL CONDUCT. In the past 12 months, how many times have you engaged in or experienced the described conduct?

16. Lied to a spouse, boy friend, girl friend or significant other about something significant.

17. Inflated an expense claim for reimbursement.

18. Inflated an insurance claim in the past 5 years.

19. Was given too much change and kept the money.

20. Made an unauthorized copy of software.

21. Made an unauthorized copy of music or video.

22. Concealed or distorted significant information in communicating to my boss.

23. Lied to my boss about something significant.

24. Lied to a client or customer about something significant.

25. Misrepresented or omitted a material fact on a resume (in past 5 years)

26. Misrepresented or omitted a material fact in a job interview (in past 5 years).

27. Used the internet for more than 15 minutes for personal reasons during work time.

28. Provided a child with a false excuse for missing school.

29. Lied about a child's age to save money.

30. Asked your child to lie for you (e.g., Tell Grandma I'm not home).

31. Lied in front of your child to get out of a difficult situation.

32. Misrepresented or omitted facts on a tax return (in past 5 years).

33. Told the truth knowing it would be personally costly even when you could have gotten away with lying or concealing information.

34. Number of times you cheated on an exam during your senior year in high school.

35. Number of times you stole something from a store during your senior year in high school.

36. Number of questions on this survey that you did not answer with complete honesty.

37. About how long did it take to complete this survey?

38. How did you find out about this survey?

39. Comments - where did you hear of this survey?


42. Religion plays an important role in my daily life and guides my decisions.

43. Your reaction to this survey (you may check more than one answer).

44. Character can be defined as doing the right thing even when it costs more than you want to pay. In the past year, about how often have you failed to do what you thought was was right because it might cost more than you wanted to pay?

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