* 1. Address

* 2. Tell us a bit about yourself, what you do?

* 3. Tell us about your style of writing/creating, who you write for and who you perform for.

* 4. What would you like Kiwi Kids Music to help or support you with?

* 5. What skills have you got that you could offer in a workshop situation? (Songwriting, website knowledge, social media, marketing, copyright info, etc.)

* 6. Your Website details?

* 7. Facebook address? Other social media Pinterest/Twitter/Instagram address?

* 8. What events are in your area throughout the calendar year that may interest Kiwi Kids Music?

* 9. kiwikidsmusic.co.nz is where we promote our members. We link to their website or social media page from an image (on our home page). The site also links out to Facebook posts, member events and music videos. For a small yearly fee ($50) would you like to be a part of this?