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* 1. Please check one response on each row. If you checked “not at all confident”, “a little confident”, “very unsatisfactory” or “unsatisfactory” on any row, please explain the reasons why at the bottom of the page.

  Not at all confident*

A little confident Somewhat confident Confident Very confident Did not complete this module
Have mastered HIV Screening & Diagnosis?
Have mastered Basic HIV Primary Care?
Have mastered Antiretroviral Therapy?
Have mastered Co-Occurring Conditions?
Have mastered Prevention of HIV?
Have mastered HIV Key Populations?

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* 2. Have you used the material you learned in the following NHC modules? For each row, please check one of the four shaded columns.


Didn’t complete this module Have not had opportunity to use the information yet Yes
HIV Screening & Diagnosis?
Basic HIV Primary Care?
Antiretroviral Therapy?
Co-Occurring Conditions?
Prevention of HIV?
HIV Key Populations?

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* 3. Do you have any suggestions on how the NHC modules could be improved?