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The Cleveland Game Devs are sending out this survey to steer the future direction of the group and to improve what events & services we offer to our members. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to participate and look forward to expanding our events in 2011. And please don't forget to answer the questions on both pages. Thanks again! - CGDs

Due to Joesph-Beth Booksellers closing, the Cleveland Game Devs need to find a new location for our monthly meetings. Ideally we are looking for a place that is free, can comfortably fit 25 people, offers food & drinks, has WiFi and will allow everyone to participate in casual conversations.

If you have a meeting location, please describe it below as well as who to contact about it. Additionally, we would appreciate it if you would enter your zip code as well so we can get an idea of where our members predominately live. This will help us decide where to host events.

* 1. If you have an idea for a new meeting location please share it and any pertinent contact information below:

* 2. What is your zip code?

* 3. What days of the week are better for you to attend Cleveland Game Developer events?

  Unavailable Less Likely Probably More than Likely Definitely