Quilting Arts June/July 2012 Reader Survey

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Off the Page: Sketchbook Keeping (Diane Wright's Journal Bowls )
Out of the Toolbox (Maria Elkins Reviews Batik Resists)
Minding Your Business (Jane Davila Discusses Overcoming an Artistic Block)
Finding Your Artist in Residence (Lyric Kinard Discusses Finding Your Artistic Voice)
Spin-Art Surface Design (Lynda Heines Experiments with Spin Art)
Outdoor Flat Dyeing (Robin Ferrier Shows Her Method of Dyeing Solids)
Dye Your Own Iced Parfait (Carol Ludington Dyes with Ice)
Two-Sided Quilts (Barbara Shapel Shares How to Make Both Sides Beautiful)
Fabulous Fabric Doodles (Regina Dunn on Zen Doodles)
Replenishing Your Creative Well (Lynn Krawczyk and the Windkracht 10 Group)
Artist Q & A: Marieke Steenhorst-Baas (with Kristine Lundblad)
Results from the "From Sketch to Art Quilt" Reader Challenge
In the Spotlight: Martha Wolfe
Voices: (A Gallery of Inspiring Art Quilts from the QUILTART Group)

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