The National Healthy Housing Center (NCHH) is hosting a National Healthy Homes Month-themed Twitter chat (#NHHMchat) to exchange ideas, spread awareness, and take action on home hazard prevention and the implementation of effective healthy homes policies. As in years past, we’re hosting the chat near the end of HUD’s National Healthy Homes Month to collect and share the great healthy homes learning opportunities and resources that appear throughout the month of June. 

The #NHHMchat aims to:  
  • Raise awareness of the importance of home assessments and their impact on health. 
  • Discuss available resources for local government, communities, property owners, and residents. 
  • Encourage strategic partnerships, regulatory action, and policies that promote healthier homes and communities. 
NHHM partners, please:  
  1. Participate in the live chat on June 28 at 3 p.m. ET (12:00 p.m. PT). 
  1. Help promote #NHHMchat widely to your followers, members, and partners to ensure broad participation. 
To participate, follow @NCHH and RSVP at On Wednesday, June 28, @NCHH will post questions starting at 3:00 p.m. ET (12:00 p.m. PT). Follow along using the #NHHMchat hashtag and share your thoughts and ideas on policies and practices to address housing health issues and response. Be sure to include #NHHMchat in your tweets so that the chat participants can easily follow you and others during this event.

Update: The chat questions are available at If you're not able to download them, send a blank email to with "Chat Questions" in the subject line.

Promote the chat widely for maximum participation! Follow @NCHH and retweet our Twitter chat promotions during the days leading up to the chat. The more that people see the chat, the more people tune in to read what you have to say, and the more this community can accomplish toward making safe, healthy homes a reality for all Americans. 

As a public health advocate, you have an excellent opportunity to highlight some of your exciting initiatives and projects! Use the #NHHMchat questions to formulate your answers to the questions we’ll be posting here soon.

The chat questions will be available for download in June 2023 (link TBA). Note that the questions may download immediately and that you may have to approve the download on your computer. If you're not able to access the questions, please send a blank email to Christopher Bloom ( with "Chat Questions" in the subject line, and we'll email them to you right away.
Have a Conflict?  
If you’re scheduled to be elsewhere but would still like to participate, you have options. It’s okay to join the chat late. As long as you’ve identified which answers correspond to what questions, the audience will figure everything out. Another option is to pre-schedule your tweets using TweetDeck, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, or other tweet/post management service.  
Format Your Tweets 
  • When writing your tweets, be sure to remember these tips: 
  • Include the hashtag #NHHMchat in all your tweets. 
  • Start your answers with A1, A2, A3, et cetera, to correspond to the question number. 
  • You have only 280 characters per tweet, including spaces and links (note that links on Twitter always use 23 characters, regardless of their actual length), but you’re not limited to

Question Title

* 1. Contact Information