No Hidden Door Collection

The No Hidden Doors Collection was created with the purpose of using art and image making as a way of critiquing the system. Of bearing witness to the current status quo from a lived experience-centric-approach.  An approach from the outside - in.

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We invite you to view the No Hidden Door Collection artist talk and artworks and to use this form to share your responses to these insights and works.

Thankyou for making time to exchange insights to improve understanding of and responses to domestic, family and sexualised violence.

The Insight Exchange Team in collaboration with Louise Whelan

Insight Exchange centres on the expertise of people with lived experience of domestic and family violence and gives voice to these experiences. Insight Exchange is designed to inform and strengthen social, service and systemic responses to domestic and family violence.

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(We ask the question about lived experiences of domestic, family and sexualised violence (DFSV) to continuously listen to peoples lived expertise)

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* 2. Can you relate to or does something resonate with you in this No Hidden Door collection (the artworks and/or artist talk)?

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* 3. What, if anything, do you notice within this No Hidden Door collection (the artworks and/or artist talk) that you might not have known or thought much about before?

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* 4. What, if anything, do you value about the No Hidden Door collection (the artworks and/or the artist talk)?

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