* 1. How should Minnesota pay for transportation improvements such as rebuilding roads and bridges?

* 2. What is the best approach for addressing the problems with the Obamacare exchange (MNsure) in Minnesota?

* 3. Current law requires school districts to make layoff decisions based on teacher seniority where the last hired teacher is the first to be let go. Should state law be changed to allow school districts to also consider teacher effectiveness in determining layoffs?

* 4. According to figures from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, nearly a third of abortions in Minnesota are taxpayer funded. Do you support your tax dollars being used to fund abortions?

* 5. The February Forecast showed that Minnesota is projected to have a $1.9 billion surplus for Minnesota’s 2016-17 budget. What should the legislature do with that money?

* 6. From your perspective, what is the best way to grow jobs in Minnesota?

* 7. Do you believe state funding for nursing homes and long-term care programs for seniors and the disabled should be:

* 8. Do you approve of the job Representative Franson is doing?