* 1. On behalf of the MBA Education Committee, thank you for taking our 2017 education survey. We appreciate your time in completing this survey so that we can accurately plan pertinent continuing education opportunities for the region. Please feel free to circulate this survey to all of your employees and coworkers. If you have comments, questions or suggestions on the MBA's educational programming or the delivery of these programs, either use this comment space or contact the MBA (412-922-3912 or estarkowicz@mbawpa.org).

* 2. What type of firm do you work for?

* 3. What MBA educational programs did you attend in 2016?

* 4. Are you qualified to lead/teach an educational program for the MBA? If so please provide information on the topic(s) and contact information.

* 5. Do you require continuing education credits? Please list accreditation(s) in the comments field.

* 6. What topics would you like the MBA to cover in 2017?

* 7. What educational offerings that the MBA has offered in the past would you like them to offer again in 2017?

* 8. What leadership topics would you like the MBA to offer in 2017?

* 9. Would your firm be willing to present a lunch n learn session at the MBA Headquarters?