MYOB Brainstorm

This is a brainstorming survey about starting your own transcription business.  We're interested in investigating many types of transcription, including medical.  There are no rules here.  We want your input about what your personal and experiential blocks are to building your own transcription business.  They can be anything from, "I'm too shy," to "I don't know how to do the audio setup" to "I tried it and there is no work out there," or anything else.  Let's keep the input on task to this question, however.  We will get to other things, I promise you, but if we can keep our data organized, it will be useful.  We'll be using this input to construct our mission moving forward, categorizing and addressing the things you mention.  Have fun, spill your guts!  That's what brainstorming is!  MyMT Members will have access to the comments in the coming days.

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