Dear Club Secretaries,

Thank you for assistance in forwarding previous HQ survey to members for direct input, this has been very useful. We have to date received over 300 responses which is positive.

Feedback received to date indicates members would like to see CNSW events make use of the Club network, in both regional and metropolitan areas, whatever the final position on a HQ may be.

To assist the working group in better understanding options around this can your Club assist by completing this short survey from the club perspective. One response only is sought from each club.

In completing the survey please consider what may be required of Clubs hosting tournaments, for example improving the quality of the lawn, amenities for players etc. At question 9 please include any thoughts on what support, financial and practical, your club may need to support tournaments at all levels. If the working group recommends that CNSW utilises Clubs more regularly, consideration of increasing support for Clubs able to host regular and/or significant events would also be part of that recommendation.

Note responses to the survey will not be taken as a commitment by your Club in any way, purely an indication of possibilities.