Have you got a passion for your garden, and has Nichol’s helped create it? Or do you know someone who does?
From cottage to contemporary, edible to indoors; if it’s been grown with the help of Nichol’s Garden Centres then it could be profiled.
30 gardens from Oamaru south will be professionally photographed during spring 2019, then the images shared for all to enjoy.

 The criteria:
  • If nominating a garden that’s not your own, please first seek permission from the gardener
  • The gardener must be a member of Nichol’s Growing Rewards loyalty programme
  • No professional gardens or contracted gardeners please. Only gardens maintained by amateur home gardeners will be considered
  • 30 gardens will be selected to be photographed. A wide variety of gardens of all sizes, ages, styles and plant types will be chosen
  • Successfully nominated gardeners will be notified by September 16th 2019
  • Gardens will be photographed in October and November 2019, a suitable time on a fine weather day will be agreed upon by the gardener and the photographer
  • The gardener(s) must be featured in one of the photos please
  • 6 photos will be selected of each garden, and posted to Nichol’s Garden Centre’s Facebook page during November 2019
  • All images will remain property of Nichol’s Garden Centres, however they will be available for free download.
  • Images may be used in future Nichol’s advertising. Rights reserved. 

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