This survey is to get your feedback on the Robintek Clinical Software. Please be as detailed and respectful as possible in your response. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey. We will use this feedback to enhance and improve our demonstration process, answer more key questions for future potential customers, as well as get feedback about what key features our product is missing that prospective users are looking for.

* 1. What prompted you to contact Robintek about the clinical software package?

* 2. Does the fact that the Robintek Clinical Management System is an American Product matter to you?

* 3. What features does the software have that you like the most?

* 4. What features is the software missing that you are looking for in a clinical software package?

* 5. Did the demo and person performing the demo, answer all of you questions adequately?

* 6. In regard to the timing of the demo, how long did your demo take? Was the demo too long, too short, or just right?

* 7. Is there one feature that the software does not have, that if it did, you would switch to the Robintek Clinical Management System?

* 8. How does the Robintek Clinical Management System compare to your current software? Better, worse, about the same? Explain how we can make ours better?

* 9. How was your customer service experience and what can we do to make this a better experience for you?

* 10. How would you rate the importance of affordability of the Robintek Clinical Management compared to your current or other software options? In your honest opinion, do you get more value for your money?