2013 WI CU Service and Outreach Survey

Please answer to the best of your ability and note that approximate answers are okay.

Your responses to this brief survey enable The League to compile the "Wisconsin Credit Union Scorecard" report which is an important advocacy resource that helps to promote the value of credit unions to legislators, media and public officials.

Credit unions that have already completed this survey are listed at www.theleague.coop/scorecard and will receive special recognition at State GAC.

If you have any questions regarding this survey or how this data will be used, contact Chad Helminak at (608)514-0080 or chelminak@theleague.coop.

Thank you for your participation.

* 1. Your info:

* 2. Over roughly the past year, has your credit union:

  Yes No
Adjusted loan terms to help members facing unemployment, furlough or temporary job loss?
Helped a member to avoid foreclosure by refinancing a mortgage loan or taking other steps?
Refinanced payday loan debt obtained elsewhere that had overwhelmed members?
Granted a loan of $1000 or less?
Granted a loan of $500 or less?
Offered low-wealth or first-time homebuyer loans or programs?
Offered members free checking?

* 3. What is the approximate dollar amount you've saved members through refinancing loans or balance transfers (including, but not limited to, mortgages, auto, credit card) in 2013?

* 4. How many loans for $1000 or less did your credit union provide to members during the past year?

* 5. When it comes to financial counseling of members in 2013 (Include time spent one-on-one addressing individual financial issues, which could involve reworking loan payments, budgeting/debt management, credit report analysis, or specific programs like savings/debt reduction challenges), approximately how many:

* 6. What is the total dollar amount of student scholarships you provided in 2013? (not counting scholarships related to Money Mission).

* 7. By the end of 2013, approximately how many hours will your credit union staff have volunteered to local charities, community projects or civic groups? How many dollars raised? (please do not include CMN/Credit Unions for Kids donations)

* 8. In 2013, how many financial education presentations has your CU made for (please include presentations held during National CU Youth Week, Money Smart Week Wisconsin and at any other times):

* 9. In 2013, how many individuals do you estimate attended your CU’s financial education presentations for (Okay to count the same individual more than once if he/she attended presentations on different topics):

* 10. How many individuals have benefited from reality fairs or other financial education-focused “experiential learning” events (not counting Money Mission) that your credit union has either held or participated in during the past year?

* 11. Please review our list of school and youth WI CU branches located at: http://bit.ly/1aD1uSn. In the box below, please list any branches your CU operates that are not represented or should be removed from this listing:

* 12. How much does your credit union currently have on deposit for youth savings accounts (18 yrs and younger)?

* 13. With regard to any items on this survey, please mark "yes" below if your credit union can provide any photos, stories or examples that demonstrate your stand-out member service or community outreach: