* 1. Historic preservation: Will it get better or worse in 2011

* 2. The VBML (Vacant Building Maintenance Ordinance) is now 14 years old. Many have questioned if this ordinance, originally created to help get property restored and stop speculation, is now hurting preservation efforts. What will best help preservation where this ordinance is concerned

* 3. The issue of proper Section 106 Review: Is the city doing an adaquate job of obtaining public input on Preservation prior to the Nuisance Hearing as required under the Federal guidelines.

* 4. Urban Conservators Office: Many have questioned if the current Urban Conservator is qualified for his position and have questioned his determinations if a structure is a 'contributing structure'. Your view?

* 5. The Gamble House issue has raised the question if city inspectors and city officials are enforcing the city ordinance in a fair and equal manner.

* 6. The city recieves Federal CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) Funds and those funds are often used for demolition. Should this practice be continued or should greater restrictions be placed on demolition using Federal Dollars, or should these funds be used for stabilization?

* 7. Currently when the city demos property with Federal funds it does not acquire the lot. Often the vacant lots becomes a dumping ground leaving communities with new problems. What should the city do?

* 8. What do you feel are the most important preservation isues to address this year in Cincinnati?