TAP Plan Priorities for TAP 2.0

Please check boxes next to areas you believe the Workforce Board should focus on at the summer Retreat and throughout the coming year as TAP enters a new planning cycle. If there are areas that aren't addressed below, please write your thoughts in the narrative box under "Other" at the end of each section, and at the end of the survey. We want to capture these thoughts as well.

If possible, please check no more than three to five TOTAL boxes to help narrow the list.

* 1. TAP priorities related to Integrated Service Delivery.

* 2. TAP priorities related to Business Engagement.

* 3. TAP priorities related to Barrier and Accessibility.

* 4. TAP priorities related to Next Generation Performance Accountability.

* 5. Other Priorities:  What area, if any, are we missing and needs more focused attention?

* 6. If the system were operating in an ideal state, what would it look like?