2016-2017 Call for Nominations: OTPC Executive Committee Leadership

Here is your opportunity to support the OTPC and community partnerships all over the state!  The council needs innovative leaders to replace outgoing executive committee members and vacant positions.  OTPC leadership will have the exciting opportunity to cultivate innovative partnerships and support community health initiatives through advocacy, resource sharing and promotion of state and local efforts.
Nominations are due by 5 pm on Thursday, September 15, 2016. Self-nominations are welcomed.  Nominees are encouraged to review the OTPC by-laws prior to submission of application at Oklahoma Turning Point Council
For more information, contact Lynn Smith, 2016 OTPC Chair at lynnmgoldberg@gmail.com or
okturningpointcouncil@yahoo.com THANK YOU!

1. Nominee Information

2. Please indicate the OTPC Executive Committee leadership position(s) sought.  Please check all that apply to nomination.

3. Please describe nominee's qualifications for the OTPC Executive Committee?

4. Describe two or three short term goals nominee would like to achieve through membership of the OTPC Executive Committee and how nominee will contribute to their achievement.

5. What is nominee's long term vision for the OTPC?