1. CS 294-28 Feedback Survey

All questions are optional. The survey is fully anonymous.

* 1. What aspects of lecture need the most improvement? What would you suggest for them?

* 2. What aspects of lecture are working the best, and why?

* 3. How do you find the pace of lecture? Would you prefer, not prefer, or not care if there was a 5-minute break around the middle?

* 4. Which specific lectures worked best/worst, and why? (The ones to date have been Intro, Denial-of-Service, Traceback, Capabilities, DoS Defense, Network Intrusion Detection, NIDS Evasion, and NIDS Evaluation)

* 5. Which topics do you wish had been treated differently (more detail, less detail, different approach)?

* 6. Do you find it difficult to participate in class discussion and/or ask questions during lecture? If so, what could help improve this? Do questions asked of the class seem apt, confusing, too vague, ...?

* 7. How well or poorly do you find the homework is working? Which aspects have been best and which have worked least well? What would you suggest for improvement?

* 8. Are you finding the scribe notes sufficiently useful to be worth the effort?

* 9. What concerns do you have, if any, for the remainder of the class?

* 10. Any other comments or suggestions?