At the October 25 City Council meeting, Mayor Jim Bowlin presented his Wildwood 2020 Vision Plan for the City of Wildwood.  As part of that Plan, Mayor Bowlin identified one Action item to “Enhance Manchester Road” from Wildwood Middle School to Taylor Road (see map here).  In order to implement that Action item, a new ad-hoc “Manchester Road Improvement Committee” was formed to identify those enhancements proposed to be made to this corridor.  This new Committee now seeks to obtain input from the community regarding potential improvements, public services, and funding mechanisms.

* 1. Do you know where the Wildwood Town Center area is located? If so, where?

* 2. Do you believe that additional roadway improvements and beautification are needed for the Manchester Road corridor? If so, what type of improvements?

* 3. Are the existing infrastructure and utility system adequate in the Manchester Road corridor? If no, what types of improvements are necessary?

* 4. Do you prefer to walk to shops, or is it important that you park in front of the business you visit?

* 5. Would a public parking lot on Manchester Road be beneficial for patrons shopping in this area? Should the City pay for this parking lot, or should the businesses contribute to its cost?

* 6. Would seating areas be beneficial to this area’s shopping/business district?

* 7. Would a public event space help this corridor become a greater destination location?

* 8. What motivates you to go shop in other neighboring communities (outside of Wildwood)?