Thanks for taking the time to complete this survey on the future of the west coast demersal fishery (WCDSF). Your responses will help us inform the multi-sector fishery working group, which is tasked with developing a draft harvest strategy for the fishery.

A harvest strategy will help develop the framework for how the fishery will be managed in the future. To help us represent your interests on the working group and develop the best harvest strategy possible we would like to hear your views through this west coast demersal scalefish fishery survey.
The WCDSF stretches from north of Kalbarri down the coast to east of Augusta and incorporates some of WA's most popular recreational fishing species including dhufish, pink snapper and baldchin groper. These species generally swim on or near the ocean floor, are slow-growing and long lived. The fishery is currently half way through a 20-year recovery plan developed after fisheries scientists found west coast demersal scalefish stocks were being heavily overfished. 

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