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Please help NFPRHA better understand how your organization used our telehealth videos and how future telehealth resources can be most beneficial to you.

As a reminder, in the Provider Perspectives on Telehealth and Patient-Centered Family Planning Care video five expert providers shared their insights and experiences. In the Tips for Providing Patient-Centered Contraceptive Care Using Telehealth: Four Case Studies video, four patient vignettes demonstrated various telehealth scenarios and strategies. 

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* 1. Organization

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* 2. Were either of NFPRHA's telehealth videos disseminated to your network? (Meaning shared by email or other communication to let your network know they were available)

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* 3. Were either of NFPRHA's telehealth videos shown to staff for training or education purposes? (Meaning that staff were required to view them or viewed them as part of an organized event)

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