Needs and Readiness for Career and Education Planning, Copyright © 2018

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The purpose of this survey is to identify the assistance and information you need to make career decisions and plan your education. Please answer all the questions. Your answers will remain confidential.

Question Title

* 1. DECISION MAKING: To what extent have you made decisions about....?

  Not At All Slight Extent Moderate Extent High Extent Great Extent
Your future career field or occupation
Your college major or area of study
College courses to support your career goals
The degree you wish to pursue
Internships, summer jobs, or volunteer work

Question Title

* 2. SELF ASSESSMENT: To what extent have you made a formal assessment of ...?

  Not At All A Slight Degree A Moderate Degree A High Degree A Very High Degree
YOUR INTERESTS: Activities you most enjoy
YOUR VALUES: Important things in your life, i.e. a high salary, helping others, creativity, etc.
YOUR PERSONALITY: How you react to and deal with people, work on projects, make decisions, etc.
YOUR ABILITIES & SKILLS: Subjects and activities you learn easily

Question Title

* 3. OCCUPATIONAL KNOWLEDGE: For occupations that appeal to you, how much knowledge do you have about these factors...?

  No Knowledge Little Knowledge Moderate Knowledge Much Knowledge Great Knowledge
Education and training needed
Job duties and responsibilities
Employers that would hire you
Job outlook and security

Question Title

* 4. THE CAREER DEVELOPMENT PROCESS: How familiar are you with the following...?

  Not Familiar Slightly Familiar Moderately Familiar Highly Familiar Greatly Familiar
Advisers who could help you explore career options
Identifying your career related personal qualities
Specifics about occupations that appeal to you
Deciding what major or area of study is best for you
Deciding the educational level needed to achieve your career goals

Question Title

* 5. EXPLORATION: To what extent have you taken these actions to support your career and education planning...?

  Not At All Slight Extent Moderate Extent High Extent Great Extent
Identified the classes and areas of study that you most enjoy
Met with an adviser or professor to discuss majors or areas of study
Taken a course in a major or field of interest
Identified professional organizations related to field of interest
Joined a club or group related to a preferrred career or major
Taken an exploratory course in a major or field of interest
Attended a career development workshop
Discussed your career ideas with a career counselor
Talked to an expert in a career field that appeals to you
Done an internship or volunteer work in a field of interest
Researched occupations that match your interests and talents

Question Title

* 6. HELP NEEDED: How much help and advice do you need for making your decisions about...?

  Great Amount of Help Needed Much Help Moderate Help Some Help No Help Needed
Choosing a major or area of study
Determining if your educational plans will support your career goals
Planning the courses you will take
Choosing internships and/or work experiences
Determining what level of education and/or degrees you should pursue
Exploring occupations or career fields