1. Welcome

Hello and thank you in advance for participating in this unique Oregon funded study on technology and healthcare. 

This survey has simple questions that should take about 5 minutes of your time.

Your identity will remain anonymous within the study unless you give written permission for attribution of information or quotes. 

Some Background Information

The Healthcare Technology Collaborative was formed to accelerate healthcare innovation in Oregon. Recognizing a gap in the product development ecosystem, the HTC supports the efforts of professional inventors and companies who are developing healthcare products with a dedicated Inventor space. Additionally, the HTC is growing the next generation of inventors through collaboration with the Oregon Educational system. A key part of this vision is the creation of an Inventor Space, equipped with the specific tools necessary to accelerate healthcare product development and community education.

In order to validate the merits of this concept, we approached the state of Oregon with a proposal to conduct a broad-based feasibility study to test the need, demand, and specific feedback for an inventor space dedicated to healthcare technology.

Again our thanks in advance for your time.

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