Consent to Participate

The purpose of this research study is to gather information about your experiences during the victim notification process. By providing your confidential and honest feedback, we can gain a better perspective on the process, evaluate current practices, and improve the process for survivors.  

Please complete the enclosed questionnaire and return it in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope or visit: to complete the survey online. Questionnaires can only be submitted once per case, so please ensure that you include all necessary information.

This survey is voluntary and confidential. The survey should take approximately 5-10 minutes and you can answer the questions that you are comfortable responding to. Other than identifying the law enforcement agencies involved, personal information will not be shared. Please answer questions specifically on your experience during the notification process and avoid sharing information regarding the case in general. 

The notification process can have challenges, but it can also have positive outcomes. If you faced challenges or would like to share a positive or negative experience related to the victim notification process further, please contact the SAKI Advocate directly. You can also visit the website links listed below for additional resources that are available.

SAKI Resources

This website contains resources for support and information about the project.

This email is for survivors to contact a victim advocate with any questions they may have or for assistance in finding resources.

Hotline: 1-888-548-5463
This allows you to leave a message for an advocate who can assist you in any way you may need.

Erin Davis
SAKI Victim Advocate
Montana Department of Justice
Division of Criminal Investigation
2225 11th Ave., P.O. Box 201417
Helena, MT 59620-1417


Thank you so much for your participation.