* 1. Please review the list of experienced senior mentors and choose 12 to serve on mentor council. Rank them from 1-12. One is your first choice. Twelve is your last choice. There are more candidates than there are spots, so not all candidates will receive a ranking.

* 2. This year's theme for Freshman Mentoring is The Bluebird Way, with an emphasis on kindness, inclusion of all, pride, and doing one's best.  What are some examples from your own life that you could use to encourage freshmen? 

* 3. Each year, we design a Transitions Day t-shirt.  We want the shirt to be something that you and the freshmen will want to wear not only on Transitions Day, but also throughout the year.  What are some ideas you have for the shirt? Remember, the theme is The Bluebird Way.  If you have an actual picture you could email to Mrs. Schnitzler, that would be great. Include your name with your response so that if we need to contact you, we are able to.

* 4. Please provide us with an email address where you can be reached over the summer.

* 5. Please provide us with your t-shirt size.