Street Lighting Survey

The Resort Municipality Council is gathering information from resident’s in private subdivisions on overhead streetlights on private roadways.  Currently the Resort Municipality has overhead streetlights outside the core areas of the municipality and the old-fashioned streetlights in the Centre Core Area.  The streetlights outside the core area of the municipality vary and are located on every 4 and 6th pole.

 After gathering feedback from property owners, the Council will determine what the next steps will be based on the feedback received.

 By completing the survey this does not guarantee that streetlights will be installed in private subdivisions as there will also be a process of consulting with the owner of the subdivision, checking into easements and costs for lighting with Maritime Electric.

 We would like you to fill out the questionnaire to provide the Council with your opinion on streetlights.

Please contact the Municipal Office at 7591 Cawnpore Lane if you need a hard copy of this survey. 

PLEASE NOTE: 1(One) Response per household. Survey ends May 13, 2020.

Question Title

* 1. Do you want streetlights in your subdivision?

Question Title

* 2. Streetlight locations:

            Rate the following in order of preference – 1 being your first choice – 3.

            1)        Intersections of subdivision only.

            2)        Every fourth light standard.

            3)         Every sixth light standard.

Question Title


Question Title

* 4. Contact Information.