Pre-disposing Activity

The following instructions are for General Practitioners wishing to accrue RACGP Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points by attending the Immunisation Update Education Day.

As part of the RACGP Active Learning Module requirements, you are required to complete a predisposing activity prior to coming to the workshop. After the workshop you will be asked to complete an ALM reinforcing activity that will ask you to comment on how you may improve your outcomes.

This predisposing activity is designed to help focus your thoughts on strategies in managing vaccine hesitant parents or needle phobic patients and vaccine recommendations for individuals that are medically at risk in your practice. 
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* 1. Please complete the following:

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* 2. QI&CPD Number (must be filled in)

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* 3. Identify a patient from your practice who is medically at risk:

a. Note the patient’s medical history

b. Outline the vaccine recommendations for individuals with the medically at risk condition/s identified (refer to the digital Australian Immunisation Handbook:

c. Review your patient’s immunisation history - specify if the patient is up to date with his/her recommended vaccinations. If not, list the vaccines that are recommended for them.

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* 4. Identify a patient from your practice who either:

a. has presented with parent/s who are hesitant/have concerns regarding vaccinating their child, OR

b. has a phobia of needles

For the patient identified:

a. Document the patient’s history and relevant information pertaining to the hesitancy/concerns regarding vaccination or needle phobia.

b. Outline your management strategy and goal/s noting any problems/challenges you encountered.

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* 5. Read the two articles below:

Vaccine Hesitancy and Refusal

Needle phobia: a psychological perspective

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