MOT tests

When a car is three years old it must be submitted for an MOT test to show it is roadworthy. Thereafter the car must be given an MOT annually. We would like to have drivers' opinions of the MOT test and ask them if they would support any changes. We welcome your participation below.

* 1. Are you:

* 2. Are you:

* 3. Where do you live?

* 4. How old is the car you usually drive?

* 5. Whose car do you usually drive?

* 6. When you have taken your car for its MOT test how did you feel whilst waiting to find out how it went?

* 7. When you book your car in for an MOT test do you also get it serviced at the same time?

* 8. Please state which of these statements you agree or disagree with shown below

  Agree Disagree Don't know
The MOT test will always pick up potential dangers with the car
Garages are not independent enough to conduct MOTs
Garages deliberately find things wrong in order to get more money out of you
There is no consistency between garages in the way they do the test

* 9. The frequency of MOT testing in the UK has remained unchanged since 1968 and the government is thinking about changing the first test from three years to four years, with an annual test thereafter - much in line with other EU countries. Moving the test to four years could save motorists £100 million annually although the cost savings would need to be balanced against potential road safety risks and some drivers putting off car maintenance. Should MOT testing be carried out after four years as opposed to the three years as at present?

* 10. When your VED (vehicle tax) is due, you are sent a reminder, and the same usually applies when your insurance is due for renewal. However, there is no official system in place to remind you that your car is due for an MOT test. Have you or someone in your household ever inadvertently driven your/their car with an expired MOT?

* 11. Some garages send a reminder as a courtesy if they serviced or tested the car previously or sold the car new. Do you currently get a reminder from your garage that the MOT is due?

* 12. It has been suggested that motorists should be sent a reminder that their MOT test is due, similar to the reminder DVLA send when vehicle tax is due. Do you think being sent a reminder that the MOT test is due would be a good or bad idea?