Welcome to the presentation submission site for the Adolescent Success Conference 30 April 2021.  

The conference theme is "Meet you in the Middle - pedagogy and practice in the middle years".

Every delegate who joins a 'bubble' is required to present a short 10min presentation on one of the topics from the Adolescent Success Position Paper.  Please refer to this before submitting your presentation.

Please complete the form below to submit your presentation.

Each venue will have a screen and projector, you are required to bring your presentation in PDF format on a memory stick on the day.

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* 6. Describe in no more than 300 words, the key ideas your presentation covers.  

The text you write here will be published as in a  special edition of the Australian Journal of Middle Schooling so please consider carefully how you write this response.

Thank you for submitting your presentation summary.  Please contact Angela by either email or phone (0452 475 184) if you have any questions about the conference or your submission.

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