1. Nebraska

25% of survey complete.
Licensure Unit
301 Centennial Mall South (PO Box 94986)
Lincoln, NE 68509
402-471-4920  DHHS.licensure2117@nebraska.gov
 The examination is comprised of a total of 100 multiple-choice questions covering the following areas:
·       Ethics
·       Other
·       Forensic/Custody
·       Regulation/Statute
·       HIPAA
·       Research
·       I.O.
·       School
1.   Review each question.
2.   Check the ‘CIRCLE’ corresponding to your response.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  The passing score required for licensure in the State of Nebraska is 80% or above.  You will not be given credit for any question for which you indicate more than one answer or for any question that you do not answer.  Your percentage score will be based upon the number of questions that you answer correctly out of the 100 questions.  
When you are finished with the examination, either e-mail DHHS.licensure2117@nebraska.gov that you have completed the examination OR print and mail your examination to:  Licensure Unit, PO Box 94986, Lincoln, NE  68509.  Upon scoring by our office, you will receive an e-mail notification of your results.