New Discussion Community Proposal Process

Members of The Missouri Bar can request that the Board of Governors consider the establishment of a law‐related, stand-alone online discussion community (e.g. listserv‐type forum) that is not affiliated directly with a Missouri Bar committee by following the New Discussion Community Proposal process and meeting the minimum requirements for an application and petition. Upon submission of a fully completed application and petition, the Board of Governors, as it deems necessary, can at its sole discretion decide whether to act on and/or approve or disapprove any proposal submitted.

A Missouri Bar connect.MOBAR online discussion community is established to provide the opportunity to connect, collaborate and share knowledge and resources with Missouri Bar members focused on the law‐related and/or administration of justice area.

Missouri Bar members may apply for a new discussion community if they feel the establishment of such a community will:
  • Address an unmet communication/discussion need for members of The Missouri Bar
  • Not interfere, dilute or overlap negatively with the focus and/or efforts of an existing standing committee or community
  • Have an adequate commitment of subscribers at its inception (25 or more members)
  • Have a commitment from at least one member who will act as an active moderator to ensure discussions adhere to the terms of service agreement
  • Maintain the minimum threshold level of participation annually that justifies the community
The process to propose a new discussion community includes the electronic or printed submission of the following forms:
STEP 1 New Community Application The proposed new discussion community will be
reviewed for consideration at the Board meeting
following the submission deadline.
February 1
Review at Winter Meeting

April 1
Review at Spring Meeting

June 1
Review at Summer Meeting

August 1
Review at Annual Meeting

October 1
Review at Fall Meeting
STEP 2 Member Petition Complete the Member Petition and collect:
  • petition signatures (25+)
  • moderator commitment (pledge of one moderator)
STEP 3 Request for Review May be submitted at any time during the bar year.
Any new application fully completed and meeting the minimum requirements and timing deadlines for review during a bar year will be considered by the Board Assessment Committee.  This committee of the Board of Governors will formulate a recommendation which will be taken up by the Board of Governors at its next meeting for approval or disapproval at its sole discretion.

For a new discussion community to remain active and authorized, it will be required to achieve the following:
  • Expand to have 50 or more subscribers within one year of inception and maintain this minimum level annually.
  • Identify and maintain one member of the discussion community to monitor discussions and ensure adherence to the terms of use related to connect.MOBAR discussion communities.
  • Show activity equivalent to at least 10 unique posts per month per 50 subscribers averaged annually.
  • Not be shown to interfere or dilute any discussion community affiliated with a standing committee of The Missouri Bar or another law-related, stand-alone discussion community.
  • Maintain a focus and tenor of discussion that is appropriate and consistent with the diverse views of an integrated bar.