Thank you for giving 15-25 minutes of your time to complete a survey identifying recreation patterns on, and the gaps and needs in our trail systems in northeast Washington. Your participation is anonymous unless you choose to submit your email for followup questions and future engagement.
An all-hands, all-lands coalition of land managers and trail advocates is forming a strategic plan for trail development and stewardship in our region, including motorized trails. The plan is being developed in accordance with guidelines provided by the Washington State Recreation & Conservation Office (RCO) and will be filed with the state. A strategic trail plan bolsters grant applications for partners who adopt it and pursue its objectives; having a plan increases opportunities to fund trail systems in our community.

The regional plan was spearheaded by folks in the Tri-Counties: Pend Oreille, Stevens and Ferry.  With participation from stakeholders in adjacent areas, the northeast Washington trails strategy could span as far west as the Okanogan watershed of the North Cascades, as far east as the Priest Lake watershed of the Selkirk Mountains, and as far south as the Columbia River in the territories of the Colville Confederated and Spokane tribes.

To get oriented: check out this map of northeast Washington and its geographic subregions.

The trails of Northeast Washington are renowned for being well-designed, well-maintained systems, woven into the fabric of our communities and enhancing our quality of life, while also attracting visitors to augment our economic resilience.

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