* 1. What degree did you earn from the Applied Engineering and Technology department at EKU (check all that apply)

* 2. Were you hired in a job related to your degree within:

* 3. Please list the job title(s) held over the past year(s):

* 4. Current company where you are employed:

* 5. Is your current job related to your degree?

* 6. Have you been promoted and/or have your job responsibilities increased?

* 7. Has your salary changed since graduation from EKU?

* 8. Please identify your current annual salary range:

* 9. Do you hold professional certification(s), license(s), or graduate degree(s):

* 10. For accreditation reporting, our program is required to report employer satisfaction with our graduates. May we we contact your employer regarding ATMAE accreditation follow-up? Please note if you say "No" we will not contact them.

* 11. Please select your level of satisfaction with the NET Program competencies for each of the following statements:

  Very well prepared Well prepared Prepared Partially prepared Unprepared
Critical Thinking: Graduates will use critical thinking (demonstrating the ability to solve technical problems using critical thinking and creativity)
Communication: Graduates will communicate effectively both orally and written (demonstrating the ability to communicate the methods/results of problem solving activities to technical and non-technical audiences)
Networking: Graduates will demonstrate proficiency in basic networking skills relevant to LAN/WAN environments.
Computer Systems: Graduates will demonstrate proficiency in basic computing skills.
Electricity & Electronics: Graduates will demonstrate fundamental knowledge in electricity/electronics

* 12. Please provide any feedback recommendations you may have for further improving NET program offerings:

* 13. Please update your contact information.