Welcome to NEREID

It is the mission of the Network for Earth-space Research Education and Innovation with Data (NEREID) to catalyze innovation and convergence in Earth-space data research, education, policy, and industry. NEREID's goals include:
  • Build a diverse and inclusive community of practice to explore challenges in Earth-space data science convergence.
  • Identify and implement solutions to challenges in teaching, learning, and workforce development with Earth-space data. 
  • Address society’s greatest challenges through Earth-space data science convergence.
Joining NEREID: In order for NEREID to achieve its goals, the Network must have diverse and inclusive representation across Earth-space research, education, policy making, and industry. Currently, NEREID includes opportunities for individuals and institutions to join the Network via this online application. There is no fee for joining NEREID.

Benefits of Joining NEREID:
  • Opportunities to become a recognized contributor of documents and intellectual property NEREID produces,
  • Opportunities to participate in various grant-funded projects,
  • Priority to attend workshops and other meetings, both virtual and in-person,
  • Awareness of grant opportunities for NEREID-related projects,
  • Opportunity to build your network by connecting with like-minded/interested individuals and organizations,
  • Access to existing working groups,
  • Opportunity to create new working groups within the network.
To join NEREID please complete the application below.

NEREID is an initiative sponsored by Associated Universities Inc. (AUI), a non-profit scientific research and education corporation that brings people together to collaborate across organizations, cultures, and borders; engages people with shared interests promoting the advancement of science and empowerment of the public through scientific literacy. Through their legacy of creating and supporting large scale scientific enterprises in fundamental physics and radio astronomy, AUI is leveraging its expertise through NEREID to be a convener, connector and catalyst to accelerate discovery, innovation and education in Earth-space and data sciences. For more information about AUI visit https://www.aui.edu/.

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