Your input and opinion is important to help us move forward as a group. Thanks for taking the time to complete this survey. NENa.

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* 1. How long have you lived in the neighbourhood?

* 2. What are the top 3 best things about our neighbourhood?

* 3. What are the top 3 challenges our neighbourhood currently has?

* 4. What are the top 3 challenges our neighbourhood will have in 5 years?

* 5. We have a traffic management plan to slow down and reduce the amount of drive through traffic, and keep pedestrians and cyclists safe, should we continue to calm traffic?

* 6. Research has been proven that a 30 km/hour speed limit keeps streets safer and more family friendly, should we continue to keep our limit at 30 km/hour after the 5 year pilot project ends?

* 7. From the original traffic plan we have had several traffic calming items that have changed without a process. Should we have a process where the neighbourhood as a whole has input on how and what gets changed?

* 8. Our neighbourhood will be experiencing tremendous development in the next few years. What are the top 3 most important development related issues for you?

* 9. The proposed development on Pier 7 and 8 will have approximately 1500 residential units and over 13,000 square metres of commercial and institutional space? What will the negative issues be for our neighbourhood? Please provide your top 3 choices.

* 10. What will the positive attributes of the Pier 7 and 8 development be? Please provide your top 3 choices.

* 11. We'd like to stay in touch. Your opinions matter to us. Would you like to receive email updates from NENa about what is happening in the neighbourhood? .

* 12. Please enter your postal code.

* 13. Provide any comments or questions you may have for NENa:

Thank you for your feedback and we look forward to seeing you at our meetings the first Wed. of each month at 7:00 PM Bennetto Community Centre.