Region in which you work


1. What are the conservation priorities of your organization?  Click the top three.

2. In your opinion, which federal programs are the most helpful to your work? Select the four most important federal conservation programs for your organization.

3. List the three most important state funding programs or policies that impact conservation.

4. In your opinion, what are the most significant federal and/or state policy challenges facing your organization?

5. Please rate your level of familiarity with the conservation policies and programs in neighboring New England states.
(1 - not familiar at all  /  5 - very familiar)

6. Assuming a regionally focused group such as the New England Forest Policy Group could add value to your work, what actions and approaches could the group take that would be most helpful to you? (E.g. coordinated messaging, lobbying in Washington D.C., identifying new options for conservation finance, etc.)

7. If you would like to be informed of future meetings and actions related to the New England Forest Policy Group, please provide your email address.