Thank you for being part of the NEED program. NEED is always looking for ways to improve our curriculum, training and teacher and student opportunities. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to help us improve and share your success stories. All surveys received by June 30, 2012 will be entered into a drawing to win a free NEED science kit! NEED will select up to 10 winners.

* 1. First Name:

* 2. Last Name:

* 3. State:

* 4. School Name:

* 5. Phone Number:

* 6. Email address:

* 7. Number of students taught this year:

* 8. Grade(s) Taught:

* 9. What level of NEED curriculum do you most often use with your students?

* 10. Subject:

* 11. How did you find out about NEED?

* 12. How long have you been using NEED curriculum?

* 13. How/Why do you teach energy? (Check all that apply)

* 14. Did you participate in NEED training this year?

* 15. Are there content areas you would like NEED to offer training on to improve your knowledge? (Examples: photovoltaics, fossil fuels, building science)

* 16. The most valuable part of the teacher training is the: (skip if you have not attended a NEED teacher training)

* 17. Is the format of the state correlations on the NEED website helpful?

* 18. My class does community outreach with NEED.

* 19. Do the materials help students succeed on state testing?

* 20. Does using the NEED curriculum increase your students' knowledge and understanding of energy?

* 21. My students are more educated and aware of current energy events.

* 22. My students share their energy lessons with their families.

* 23. I believe the NEED program has positively impacted the community that the school serves.

* 24. Does using the NEED curriculum increase your knowledge and understanding of energy?

* 25. I believe the most valuable part of NEED is the:

* 26. The part of NEED that needs the most improvement is the:

* 27. In your classroom do students primarily record their work:

* 28. Please rate the following.

  Too low A little too low Just Right A little too high Too high
Is the content level of NEED materials the correct level for your classroom?

* 29. What NEED kits did you use during the 2011-2012 school year?

* 30. What NEED curriculum did you use during the 2011-2012 school year?

* 31. Where do you get your NEED materials?

* 32. What other curriculum and training resources would be helpful to you to teach energy?

* 33. Would you prefer to receive the newsletters electronically or via regular mail?

* 34. Did you use the NEED Pre/Post Poll to assess student energy knowledge?

* 35. What forms of instructional software and technology do you use in your classroom?

* 36. What sections of the NEED website do you use the most?

* 37. What additional resources would you like to see on the NEED website?

* 38. Do you believe NEED fulfills its mission of designing and delivering comprehensive energy curriculum and training?

* 39. Please provide comments and suggestions for improvement of NEED programs.

* 40. If you win the NEED drawing, which NEED kit would you like to receive?

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