Dear Landowner Directly Affected by the NED project,

The Coalition of Landowners on NED, currently consists of more than 50 landowners working to oppose the proposed Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline (KM/TGP) Northeast Energy Direct (NED) project.  The current purpose of the Coalition is:
"To offer a platform where directly impacted landowners can become informed, be kept up-to-date, and collaborate on the issues related to knowing and protecting their rights, responding to survey letters and DPU proceedings, and learning more about easement and eminent domain issues. We also are exploring options the group, as a whole, has to stop the NED project."

Some of us have already signed on to this Coalition. Others are interested in exploring ways to ensure that we and other directly impacted landowners have focused and reliable information specific to our needs and how we can best work together to fight the proposed project. Whether or not you have already indicated an interest in the Coalition, please take a few minutes to fill out this short Needs Assessment. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. 

The purpose of this Needs Assessment is to:
1. Find out if landowners affected by the NED are interested in organizing.
2. Determine what types of information and efforts are best shared.
3. Share some timely information.

Thank you very much for your time.

Impacted landowners,
Leigh Youngblood of Mt. Grace Land Trust for land in Erving (MA), Polly Lane of Plainfield (MA), Carolyn Sellars of Townsend (MA), Veronica Kell of the Townsend Conservation Land Trust for land in Townsend (MA), Patty Woodbury of North Reading (MA), Lisa McLoughlin of Northfield (MA), Gordon and Holly Lovelace of Northfield (MA), Peter Dion of Andover (MA), David McCarthy of Andover (MA), Marion Wheeler of Ashfield (MA), Seth Miller of Ashfield (MA), Cecilia Mancini of Dracut (MA), Karen Rost of West Peabody (MA), Dick Johnson of West Peabody (MA), Linda Gallant of Litchfield (NH), Sal Perruccio of Pelham (NH), Julia Steed Mawson of Pelham (NH), Joe McGuire of Mason (NH)

Question Title

* 1. For the purpose of this Needs Assessment, we are using the FERC definition of affected property:
A.  Land directly crossed or used for rights of way, compressor stations, meter or valve stations, access roads, pipe and contractor yards, and temporary work-space;
B.  Abuts either side of an existing right-of-way or facility site owned in fee by any utility company, or abuts the edge of a proposed facility site or right-of-way which runs along a property line in the area in which the facilities would be constructed, or contains a residence within 50 feet of the proposed construction work area; or
C.  Is within one-half mile of proposed compressors or their enclosures.

Based on this definition, are you a landowner affected by NED?