* 1. During the 2015-2016 school year, the District prioritized several recommended hot topics. Solutions to these concerns include, but are not limited to:
  • development of the NECSD Literacy Framework Guide;
  • drafted Scope and Sequence guides for all core subject areas;
  • investment in iReady as the District's common ELA and Math assessment for K-8 scholars.
Yet, the District recognizes the need to surface additional issues which require attention.
  • Please select "hot" or "not hot" from the following list of topics. This information will be shared with the NECSD Curriculum Planning Council.

  What's Hot What's Not N/A to my grade band
Aligned Scope and Sequences
District-wide Phonics Program
Honors/AP Programming and Weighting 9-12
Defined Grading Policy K-12
STEM Literacy
Literacy Framework Guide
Common Assessments
The Writing Workshop Model
The Reading Workshop Model
Unlimited Horizons Program
Middle School Accelerated Program
Support with Differentiation
Next Generation Science Standards
Project-Based Learning
C3 Social Studies Standards
Digital Literacies/Media Literacy

* 2. Select your grade band.

* 3. Select your role in the District.

* 4. Please list any additional topics you feel should be discussed by the NECSD Curriculum Planning Council.