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Title: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Description: Does your team work like the cast of High School Musical-all magically singing in sync with perfect pitch and hair, or more like the members of Oozma Kappa at the beginning of Monsters University? We’ve all found ourselves on good teams, and teams that have fallen apart. There are actions every team can perform to work effectively and produce the best outcomes. Join us in this workshop where you will learn about The Five Stages of Team Development that every team will experience, discover your “leadership color,” and understand how to act when difficult situations arise!

Title: Empowering the Mind
Description: When’s the last time you had a good mental workout? Well hopefully it wasn’t too long ago, because Empowering the Mind will put your brain to the test. This workshop will focus on the parts we tend to push aside. Together we will escape our fears, embrace our struggles, and celebrate the good times. Are you ready to create an empowered mind?

Title: Setting Goals and Starting with Why
Description: All great leaders, innovators, and inventors have two major things in common: they set goals for themselves, and they always start with why. To achieve goals, one must have a clear vision and purpose. Join our workshop to explore ways to help you measure and maximize your success through SMART goals, and empower others to share your vision!

Title: Building Your Personal Leadership Brand
Description: What do the Nike swoosh, Pillsbury Dough Boy, and McDonald’s arches have in common? They all brand something. Branding is the practice of symbolizing something to help identify and differentiate it from something else. Now, we want to empower YOU to discover your personal leadership brand! Come to this fun and energetic workshop to learn the ins and outs of personal branding, and how to define your leadership style.

Title: Empowering Youth to Lead
Description: “The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership" - Harvey V. Firestone. Every leader has a different style and way of working with others, and it's important to understand how to collaborate and develop future leaders to ensure the strength of the organization. Join us at this workshop for a discussion on the three leadership styles and ways to empower emerging youth leaders!

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