* 1. Did you enjoy Beyonce's halftime show during Super Bowl XLVII?

* 2. If you answered "No" above, please explain what you did not enjoy. (Please be specific.)

* 3. Was the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show better, worse, or about the same as halftime shows in previous years?

* 4. If you answered "Worse" in the previous question, please explain why.

* 5. If you are a parent of a daughter or daughters, what are your thoughts about Beyonce's performance in relation to teenage girls?

* 6. Regardless of whether you liked or disliked Beyonce's halftime show, can sports' celebrity performances be used in terms of sex education? And if yes, in what way? (If your answer is "No", simply state "No" - no further commentary is necessary.)

* 7. What country are you commenting from?